Sunday, May 18, 2014

Take me out to the Ball Game!

One thing I love about summer is Baseball games! How can you not love popcorn, friends, baseball players, and fireworks!

Also I love these sisters! They let me go our with them and meet their investigators! They are the cutest! We have been visiting this one girl and she has such a sweet, strong testimony! It is amazing to me the faith of some people and their love of God! I'm so glad I get to go out with them!

This Saturday I fly out to Utah! I get to work as an EFY counselor! I am so excited! They are gonna pay me to be loud, talk about Jesus, and dance! What more could a girl ask for!? I get to do sessions in UT, MN, and VA!  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Call me Katniss!

I have the best Visiting Teacher in the whole world and she took me to go shoot some bows and arrows! It was a good time. The guy teaching us told me I was consistent...I think he was just trying to make me feel better about not hitting the center of the target. So if a zombie Apocalypse does occur I'm ready!

I also went to visit my best friend and her husband! And of course we went to get food because that is one of our favorite things to do together and we went to the is Latin place right by her house and I found the love of my life there! Platanos fritos! (or fried plaintains) The people even asked me if I was Latina (just because I knew what all the food on the menu was) and it just made my night!

Also I did some ballroom dancing with my parents but didn't get any pics! But it was so fun, I forgot how much I loved it. And my dad, sister, and I went to the Temple yesterday and it was as peaceful and beautiful as ever. It is always nice to escape to Heavenly Father's house for a while.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Holiness and Horses!

See this gorgeous girl with me? That's Erin! She is absolutely amazing and she was baptized this past Tuesday! I was lucky enough to see her learn and grow in the gospel before she took this important step! I am so proud of her and am so grateful for her strength and testimony!

 Of course cupcakes were made.

My sweet niece celebrated her fifth birthday this week because she had to kinda share her birthday with Easter the last week, so we partied this week! Her and I took a special trip to Build a Bear! She got the Little Mermaid cat. Her name is Treasure!


Then Saturday we went to ride horses! It was so much fun!

 The woman who painted all the kids faces was so talented! Isn't that snake awesome? Speaking of snakes, I was weed whacking this weekend and saw a very large wasn't a worm, it was a snake! It was in that moment I discovered how completely terrified I am of snakes, I didn't even know. I screamed....quite loud and thank goodness too, because it was sufficiently high pitched enough that my father heard me all the way in the house. My dad thought he was cute, so now the snake is living in a bucket on our porch. I've named him Lucifer.

 Look at how much bacon you could get out of this thing! A girl's dream come true....oh ok, well this girl's!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


This week our really good friend Brooke came into town and she is so sweet and is a sewing goddess so she made me a skirt out of some material that I brought home from my mission!

Also this week my Daddy had his birthday! Doesn't he look like a great dad? That's cause he is! I am so grateful for him and all he does and for teaching me what a man is suppose to be like!

We also did a little geocaching, which is like treasure hunting with your iPhone. You get a map and then search for the treasure! Pretty cool, but I really hate puzzles, all types and so after awhile I rather just look for another one or have someone else find it for me, good thing my parents are into this kinda thing and they are patient enough to find the cool stuff!
 Easter! So we celebrated with my mom's side of the family with a BBQ and the annual Kid's Easter Egg Hunt! There were over 500 eggs hidden filled with candy and money! So of course I decided to participate, I wasn't going to but I looked at those other children ranging from ages 1- 10 and decided I could take them! The night before I had told my nephew to "beat everyone in the Easter Egg Hunt", so when ! changed my mind last minute and decided to participate he came up to me and informed me he still had every intention of following my directions to "beat everyone", including me! hmmm I wonder where he gets his competitiveness from?....We tied in the end, finding the same number of eggs!

 So  tried teaching my niece something new this week, I tried to teaching her how to give the "peace" sign with your fingers when you leave someplace. She was like ok. So when we separated I threw up the peace sign and said "peace out" to her and then it was her turn to do it so she says "bye" to me and throws up her 2 fingers, but her 2 fingers were not the peace sign she ended up giving me the loser sign....wrong 2 fingers kid. Shows the love between us right?

 We found a train, so we climbed on it!

 Aren't my parents cute?

This week my baby, just decided to stop working while driving down the highway! So a tow truck had to come bring it home! It was so sad!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Ry-Guy

This week I worked and volunteered as usual but this weekend was fun! We celebrated my sweet nephew Ryan's 7th birthday! (Though he was running everywhere I didn't sneak a picture with him and only one just with his sister!)

Then me and my parents went to see Divergent, I am one of those terrible people who went to see it without reading the book, but I really enjoyed it! The whole time I was trying to figure out which faction I'd be placed in....probably not dauntless, that's all I got figured out!

Then I got to go an take tickets at the Live Stage Theater here in our town, which means I got to see the play for free! I saw the Great Gatsby and got to dress up like I was from the 20s! It was so much fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

God is in the Details

So I am terrible at taking pictures, apparently I have to have someone in my life constantly reminding me to capture moments of my life. Thankfully the best reminder I've ever had just returned from her mission, Tornado! So maybe within the next few months, once I'm with her again, there will be more pictures. but this is the only one I got this week! Isn't it breath taking! Just a reminder God is in the details!

This week was fantastic! First of all there was General Conference, where we got to hear to God's living prophets and apostles and I loved it as usual. Some of my favorites were "We naturally don't like endings because we are eternal beings","One should not roam through garbage", "Courage, not compromise, makes God smile." All of Elder Holland's talk on defending the truth and "the Atonement can enliven us".

This week also ii got to see a miracle. There is a young woman who has been investigating the church and I have gotten to know her and she decided this week that she wants to get baptized. She is so excited and happy and that happiness is contagious, her testimony just radiates! I am so happy for her and happy that I got to see part of it happen!

We also celebrated my mom's birthday this week! I have the best mom in the whole world! I am so happy I get to be with her for eternity! She is so thoughtful, service-oriented, and loving! I am who I am today because of her!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I have been home for a month and I have been filling every second having fun, job searching, getting things in order for school, volunteering, and being with family and friends! Here are a few things I have done!

 I hit up the Lego Movie with My handsome nephew, Andrew! He is always one of the best dates I go on!

 Then Miss Molly wanted to go to the Movies too! Can you say Frozen! Ive seen it like 4 times and once in spanish! I just cant Let it go!

 Floating Lanterns are always a must! I am a princess at heart!

 So my life wouldn't be complete without my best friend Della Anne! Look at her, and she even does graffiti  in public stores for me professing her love!
 Oh and the wonders of Airbound. Ryan was brillant and chose to do to a room filled with trampolines! It was such a good time!
 This was my interview at the Cookie house. I think it looks quite close to Minnie Mouse! I got the job, so that was fun! 
 I baby sit some of the most adorable children in my ward! They keep me laughing all day!
And of course had to do some zipling which was followed by and Oscars Dance and pzza and Ben and Jerry's with Della and her hubby Caleb! (sorry there arent photos!)